Why Kids Need Running Shoes B.Duck

Many parents hesitate to buy running-specific kids’ shoes because they’re priced higher than general sneakers, and their child might quickly outgrow a pair. So the question arises: Are running shoes for kids worth the investment? RW Runner-in-Chief Jeff Dengate, a longtime shoe expert, says yes, for several reasons. “Most kids’ shoes, especially those for very young kids, are extremely stiff and overbuilt,” Dengate says. “They’re not made for the stress a running child will produce. A dedicated running shoe with a quality midsole and supportive upper will offer kids the same comfort adults expect from their own shoes.” That targeted midsole and upper support won’t just make the shoe more comfortable—it can also safeguard kids from injuries and ailments like ankle rolls, shin splints, blisters, and plain-old sore feet.

Asics Gel-Cumulus 

Why Kids Need Running Shoes B.Duck

The Cumulus is known for being a durable and well-cushioned shoe that can handle a lot of miles—and a lot of wear and tear. For a “road” shoe, it has quite the grippy outsole, with knobby rubber segments underfoot that get reliable traction on pavement and dirt trails, and “flex grooves” for a smoother ride. The shoe’s upper is similarly hardy: Made of engineered mesh with overlays for a secure fit, it breathes well and prevents little feet from overheating. For kids who tend to land hard on their heels, a pod of gel cushioning in the Cumulus’s sole smooths out the harshness of impacts.

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Why Kids Need Running Shoes B.Duck

B.Duck fashion shoes, as a product brand of B.Duck, are perfectly integrated with B.Duck’s fashionable, cute and smart features, showing B.Duck’s exclusive trend in clothing. The “Be Play” trendy play spirit is in line with children’s playful nature, and the cute and funny image is deeply loved by parents and children.

[The head of the shoe is upturned by 15°]-Protect the baby’s little toe, which is more suitable for the baby’s habit of walking on tiptoe, and protects the baby to walk steadily without falling.
[Anti-slip groove sole] – upgrade wear-resistant grip, light and flexible sole, upgrade deep texture wear-resistant non-slip light running without slipping.
[Stable Velcro] – Soft and adjustable, suitable for fat and thin feet, not tight, easy to put on and take off.
[Heel Reinforcement] – Heel reinforcement effectively improves support, maintains ankle balance, reduces the probability of falling, and makes baby travel safer
[Breath and Clear Mesh] – The breathable mesh upper circulates perspiration to keep the inside of the shoe dry.

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