The Best Kids’ Running Shoes B.Duck

Kids of all ages run even when they’re not trying to run—they jump, climb, play, and run some more. And all that running leads to serious wear and tear on their footwear. Whether for recess, their first 5K, or their spot on the track and field or cross-country team, kids need durable, high-quality running shoes that can handle the mileage. Read on for our top picks—and insight into what you should look for when shopping for kids’ running shoes.

What to Consider With Kids’ Running Shoes

A roomy, comfortable fit

This should be one of your top priorities when shopping for youth running shoes. A growing foot, crammed into too-small shoes, can take on the shape of the shoe and lead to foot health problems later in life.

High-quality midsole and upper

After fit, look for a cushioned midsole and a flexible forefoot that will allow your kid to move easily. And don’t forget to check for some structure in the shoe’s upper. Much like on adult shoes, many kids’ shoe uppers have been largely stripped free of supportive overlays, but if your kid is particularly hard on shoes, find a pair that has some of that extra support.

New Balance 860 V11

The Best Kids’ Running Shoes B.Duck

Just like adults, some kids overpronate when they run, which means their feet roll inward more than is ideal. Shoes like the 860 have features like a denser medial post in the midsole to counter this and stabilize little feet—without being too noticeable for kids with normal pronation. The latest version of this longtime favorite stability shoe, the V11, is lightweight but has lots of foam cushion at the midsole, so it’s good for kids building up to longer distances. Kids with broader or flatter feet have also gravitated toward it for the added support and stability underfoot, plus the fact that it’s available in standard or wide versions.

B.Duck Kids’ Sneakers

The Best Kids’ Running Shoes B.Duck

Applicable gender: boy
Function: Wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, lightweight
Applicable season: autumn
Applicable age: 3-6 years old, 6-12 years old
Applicable people: young children, middle-aged children
Lining condition: none
Applicable scene: outdoor, sports, daily, campus
Upper: Low Top
Closure: Velcro
Product selling point: cartoon tide brand fashion sports
Surface material: fabric + synthetic leather

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